We offer 3 different 12 week course curriculums

Choose which curriculum suits you best

Maximize your benefits and value from ARC in the 3 different levels:

Intro Course

This Course will allow you to build your flexibility and strength over the initial 12 week curriculum.

We start with 3 days of workouts per week. Each day will include The 5 Pillars warmup and a 6 exercise workout routine. As the course advances, the exercises will become more challenging and you will be doing more workouts each day.

We recommend that you start your ARC Method journey here.

Intermediate Course

The Intermediate course allows you to keep progressing your fitness level for an additional 3 months.

You will be doing more workouts sooner in the curriculum. We will add an additional day of fewer workouts to the final 4 weeks.

The daily workout routines are designed to accommodate your busy schedule and can all be done in a within a 45-60 minute window.

Advanced Course

Aside from continuing to build your strength and flexibility, your form and effectiveness will improve as you keep after your ARC Method practice.

This curriculum builds from where the Intermediate Course left you. You will increase your workout to 5 days per week in the final weeks of this curriculum.

There will be no swell that you aren’t ready for by the time you’re done.

Your best surfing is ahead of you.

“Over the last 20 years of being on tour, and training with Paul, we’ve done a lot of stuff that has worked really well for us. Through this, we have come to a golden thread of truth which we are really excited to share with you guys.” – Taylor Knox