Frequently Asked Questions

This course is primarily for surfers who are looking to improve their fitness and longevity.

It doesn’t matter what type of board you ride, or how long you have been surfing, this course was designed to benefit anyone who spends time in the ocean.

This course was designed so Taylor could workout while travelling and on tour, so you will not need much space to do the workouts. You will need an exercise ball (Swiss ball) and a soft surface like a rug, towel, or yoga mat. Swiss balls can be found for about $20.00

The ARC Method Course consists of 13 videos that are used as Assessments, Warm Ups, and Workouts.

Each Workout consists of 6 exercises that are designed to add strength and flexibility to your entire body.

These Workouts are compiled into three separate 12 week course curriculums. This allows you to maximize your results and value from ARC.

Here is a great visual guide of the course contents and curriculums.

The daily workout routines are designed to accommodate your busy schedule. They can all be done in a within a 30-60 minute timeframe.
The ARC Method Course consists of over 60 exercises that are focused on building strength and flexibility for where surfers need it the most. These exercises are compiled into 3 different 12 week course curriculums. Each daily routine in is designed to fit your schedule by being 30-60 total minutes in length.
Nobody knows your body better than you. It is imperative to listen to your body if you encounter any discomfort or pain.

The exercises in the courses are designed and proven by certified fitness professionals. Paul and Taylor make a point to include proper instructions, variations, and techniques that will keep you out of harm’s way.

That said, participation in this course is solely at your own will and risk.

Paul currently holds a Master’s Degree in kinesiology, he is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and personal trainer. His never ending thirst for knowledge has also yielded multiple certifications in DNS (dynamic neuromuscular stabilization) , and as a holistic health practitioner. He is presently furthering his education in developmental kinesiology through the Prague Institute of Rehabilitation.

Besides working with Taylor to perfect the ARC Method Course, Paul has trained many other elite athletes such as champion golfer, Rory McIlroy, skateboard legend, Danny Way, and 3x Iron Man winner, Norman Stadler. Whether you are an elite athlete, or just someone trying to live without pain or discomfort, Paul’s knowledge is here to help you. You can reach him (760) 889-1295 to reach out and schedule a private training session.

The ARC Method Course is offered in US Dollars, but the payment options of Stripe and PayPal will automatically convert into your currency.
Unfortunately, no. As of now you must be online to access the videos.
At the moment there is no mobile app that is dedicated to ARC Method Courses
For life. Por Vida. Siempre, Forever!
We are confident that your surfing and fitness will benefit greatly from this course. Taylor and Paul have spent thousands of hours studying and practicing the techniques included.

If you’re undecided if this course is right for you, we strongly recommend that you try 5 Pillars Free Trial.

Unfortunately, we’re not able to offer refunds once you purchase the course.

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Your best surfing is ahead of you.

“Over the last 20 years of being on tour, and training with Paul, we’ve done a lot of stuff that has worked really well for us. Through this, we have come to a golden thread of truth which we are really excited to share with you guys.” – Taylor Knox